Sunday, December 13, 2009

HaH! Profound!

After another prolonged period of time, have I given any thought to sit down and scribble some of my thoughts in my book. What should go down, what should remain in my head, is yet undecided, convoluted questions and extraneous answers fly about inside my already confused head.

The year to step out on my own is fast approaching, and my plans don’t seem to solidify anywhere near existence. Infact changes as predicted fast happen this instant, and I’m already deciding what future amendments I am to scrap.

Things happen not by choice, but by the nature of the situation one lives within. Choice, well, I’d say it’s a word used to disguise a forced decision, all for the benefit of a feel good factor.

Now I see these changes happen more often than ever, and life does seem to go into a state of disarray; what step is right, what’s wrong, cannot be told, and advices and signs etc, trust me are very misleading. The “wise” ones are the ones to really avoid, they only knot up the strings of your already bunched up brains.

Now is the time (I always say that) to alter the path I walk on, set my priorities right, and NEVER listen to anyone else’s opinion. Never mattered, never will… well ofcourse do heed those few, note that, FEW warnings some (note SOME), people give.

Well anyway, may not have made any sense to the ‘normal’ mortals, this short note of mine. It’s just another entry, a very convoluted one, into my diary.

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