Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Eyes stare straight on into emptiness.
No memory to console
A drifted mind, a wandering soul
Product of a destroyed life

The boy lay on the platform
Not in search no more
He came here to find his destiny
And met with no hope, sorrow

Why cant anyone see him there
Writhe in pain does he
His heart aches in solitude
His soul yearns for sympathy

I pass the boy on the platform everyday
His eyes, only very empty
Till the bus from the station has left
Gaze away at me and follow me

I feel the same way sometimes
As the boy, lone and cold
In a world of self-absorbed souls
Every emotion is bought and sold.

Now I lie awake in bed
Haunts of these events in life
Why do they all deserve this?
While we sleep in our comfy beds, so tight?

Like a child my mind argues
Theirs isn’t to suffer this way
God could do better justice
Give them a life, equal to ours, id say

Sleep is now a far off factor
Something I know I shall not get
There are miles to go, battles to fight
There are ages to go before I rest

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