Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Fake smiles, looks of adoration adorn every face i glance at. I'm not asking you to smother me with compliments; be the way you are for gods sakes! A word of praise, do they pass when you are about them, and when out of ear shot, their own fickle tales of whats going on in your life are the hot talks.
Why does it pain people to be frank? It's not going to do any one any harm is it?
Or WHY on earth should you PRETEND to like or appreciate someone where as in reality you loathe them? Come on, if i hated you, id always caste a loathsome glance at your stinky face, and tell you to saude off. not smile and greet you with flowery words of praise and false appreciation.
Sick minds, sick thoughts. I cannot seem to ever understand the gains from frigging pretenses. Giving someone a false image, that soon falls to reveal your true self, only brings you down to a disrespectful level. What gains you get, from being a faker, i fail to understand. You, and all your false pretenses. Think Ive begun to see a real you now.
Its what i call artificiality.

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