Monday, March 29, 2010

snippets of a vague conversation between an age old friend, the series i call "absurd tales of dirty dadi and naughty nunu

person A: "A rather impish smile curves up the angular jaw of a crusty old hag i call my best friend. Old hag, is he, since his behavior in a lot of ways resembles one. Those lot of ways shall come out in the logging of various accounts, chats, discussions later.
An oversized head looms atop a gigantic body (well in comparision to me ofcourse). no do not be mistaken, i wonder what that skull houses; i beg to differ if you think its a brain. Some microprocessors somehow fallen into his body run all his odd functions, its not a normal human brain. From that you should understand that this lad is a geek. His nose practically glued to his monitor, he sits all night coding, decoding, hacking into all places that could even land him in the cooler. an intriguing persona of sorts, with so many nasty aspects to unfurl. beware i say!
Hereon begins the logging of two deviant beings, my side of the story truer than the latter. :P"

Person B:"Looking down at the little being (by her physical virtue of being closer to the ground than myself) I wonder what those bolts on her head are for? Do they keep it from falling off, or do they plug the air within?
Taking my nose away from my monitor momentarily and closer to her confirms she's somewhat human alright.
But the shadows beneath her eyes unravel tales of her nocturnal trysts, and the feline smell that emanate her skin masked poorly by that of ink and paint makes me think - is she a daywalker disguised in this pathetic living state?
I turn my nose back to the monitor, only to find her there - stalking my every virtual action
She watches over me each night (oh yes she does)
I smile to myself, maybe this weird creature could be my pet. A noisy one albeit, but it could keep me amused awhile.
So thinking, I smile at her, and she promptly displays a neat row of shiny metallic things embedded within her oral crevice (maybe it was used to restrain her from biting, we'll find out eventually)
And therein begins our deviant journey...."

person A: "Now carefully observe this specimen, its pupils dilated and fixated up on beings about him. From within his enclosure, this creature perched atop a play swing, holds the bars, his flared nostrils sniveling about, absorbing the contiguous odors. Note his various reactions to the fast changing sights and sounds. His primordial instincts allow him to absorb details at a pace at least 5 times slower than that of human beings. His sense of perception per say is so much slower, it’s brain perceives the situation at least an hour late, and in some extreme cases, more than weeks.

Hence the repetitive movements, glancing at the same object over a couple of times, before he gets an understanding of the form. Any changes in my appearance of objects known to him disturb him, but that reaction is yet to take place. As all you spectators may note, I have no longer the dental appendages meant to correct my teeth, removed upon successful completion those were. Here my lab specimen is yet to note that little alteration in my standard appearance. The reactions when the change is noted is failing and thrusting of arms, animal sounds and an unsightly display of emotions. It will take him some moments more to understand that I’m the same caretaker, for it puts its other senses of perception to good use, smells and some words that the creature perceives as my characteristic reverberations. Note how it just brought its large drippy nostrils close to me, absorbing the scents known to him, and now note his behavior, after confirmation, his composure, since he’s comfortable knowing it’s the same old caretaker.

See how he blinks his large glassy eyes in recognition and reconciliation, with contentment, and makes odd signals, indicating its time for it to get back to its routine of clicking on the keyboard. Oddly this activity derives him vague pleasure, the sound of the keys clicking comforts him.

Intriguing. "

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