Monday, April 12, 2010

A moment of realisation in the dark

The lights went out, shadows crept up behind
The breathing grew shallow, somehow something’s not right
Nobody about me, no one I could hear
It was a sudden realization; I was encountering an unknown fear
Fear of the dark, and of solitude. Both combined can be rather frightening
Your mind plays all silly games, begins thinking thoughts, imagining, terrorizing
Things you’d know under normal circumstances can hardly be a reality
Morbid thoughts just then occur, your composure now harmed near fatality
So what does one do when fear takes over one?
And darkness prevails, a soul, a mortal not in sight then, anyone?
Does what one, with that hyperactive brain activity
Its takes you to another level, no more prevails a sense of levity
I seek a corner and take refuge
Much like a spooked child, nightmares out on loose
Eyes wide, breath held, I strain to hear normal sounds
Yet the confounded brain imagines things, my heart so hard against the rib cage pounds
So now I really know for sure
There isn’t much of a decent cure
Fear is a sensation so profound
Sudden it appears, whence you’d never thought you’d fear, it then hounds
Fear of the dark and solitude, both combined I’ve come to think
Is yet my biggest fear, not spooky creatures or scary little things.

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