Friday, March 18, 2011

i might need to have a camera transplanted onto my hand.
My thousandth miss at what would have been a perfect picture. sometimes capturing moments in your mind doesn't seem sufficient enough
especially when you call your self a photographer. I feel miserable each time i see something worthy of a capture onto film
and i don't have my equipment with me. not fancy or professional, a semi digital for now ( two years deadline till i get a new professional black box)
Any thing that catches my eye, should be caught on film. That was my motto in life. that doesn't ever seem to materialize
While a greater coucal pecked about on the branches not more than two meters in distance from me, all i could feel is
sheer guilt and irritation that i had very foolishly abandoned my camera back home in yelahanka. Its agonizing, that the subject
is prancing about right before you in all of its glory and you sit useless, with a cup of coffee in your hand and a deep sense of regret in your head
This is just one of those moments felt through out this whole week. Enough interesting frames lost, sights just appeared and disappeared. the correct light, beautiful framing, subjects all of it, and the equipment is missing.
And the funniest part about all this is that when i DO have my camera in hand, my eyes somehow fail to note these very sights.
Resolution... i shall glue that camera to my hand now. One of my batch mates does the same.
Keep eyes wide open and the shutter ready to capture all that i need to.

its time i learnt some tactics from my mother... she's a natural at nature photography somehow. all her pictures are bloody perfect. education ruins you!

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