Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My restless self

Not a tale of teenage angst.
Not a blithering tale of love either
It’s an obnoxious mind at work
That keeps a being ill at ease
Prevents one from good sleep
Activity too, away it keeps
Restlessness is the activity of the day
Normalcy, you see, is kept far at bay
Hours seem to stretch on so far
Equivalent seems like a day, each hour
No spiritual solace comes in handy
No other distraction, person, dandy!
Where does one go to get peace
A life, afresh, a new lease.
Well I admit there is a being there too
Who reigns, haunts, all that cockaroo
I cannot put my finger on it now
Cannot yell out and call it foul
An indescribable feeling overrides
The uneasiness, it never subsides
An authority so vast, so strong
Takes hold of me fast, and long
Shackled feet and hands as though it feels
Weigh me down, down on my knees
I try to mull over what disturbs me most
That one deliberation, being or ghost
I fly through memories, recent and past
A face I see so sudden, so fast
eternal is nothing though I know
Cannot take where it all can go
I sit In my solidarity and wait
Of another moment that’ll get me awake
Now is all that I have im aware
And to think of beyond, yet, I cannot dare.
So my obnoxious mind wont cease
Its incessant activity, to prod and tease,
My ever restless self. 

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