Friday, August 19, 2011

when you go away

Where did you come from?
Whither did you go?
Your presence merely felt
You occurred; you escaped, in a flash
How far did we walk
Fingers entwined, hair damp, altered gait
Gentle rustle of fallen leaves
Pitter patter of the gentle rain as it fell
Along a noisy street somewhere
Your spirit has moved fathoms apart
I cannot hear your thoughts speak to me.
Moments of tears and mirth, spite and love
Memories etched into a drifted stone
I vaguely smiled even in your absence
I walk down the same lane today, alone
Warmth that lingers, sweeps through my body
Your fingers touch mine for an instant
Then I turn about, you’re not anywhere
I can still feel your breath close to mine
But you’re gone.

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