Friday, November 25, 2011

Fallacy called life

Of stifled thoughts, and a trifled world
Minds all full of deceit and folly
Behold, obliterate and wander about
Splintered dreams, hearts on stakes
Haze of triviality, clouding and choking­­­
Existence of a pure untouched reason

Wherefore hath thou ope’d thy heart
Fervor such encompassed, sublime
bequeath from a world, a dash, spur
swept away in a moment from veracity.
Such did the mask obviate from my vision
Falsehood became  the cause of existence.

Ignominy, a prize just for all the caring
Ignoramus, where’st thou do walk on?
Oblivion, within which you do reside
How long before angst doth breach
A feeble thin fortification, you hide
Insecurity so dismissed you think, caged,
within the realms of your troubled mind.

So think that thou may, won have thou all conquests
Cheer with such might in all thy glory
Where will all pain travel to, a wound so wide ope
It remains, unhealed, uncared for, a disease
Forever it shall partake, your will to go forth
A nothingness, shall prevail, forlorn, forever, unkind.

Yonder, a precarious edge, a cliff
A steep fall, then another reckless flight
Walked the rafters and fallen times too many
Head away, abhorrence, fie then you
Inadequacies are plenty, yet no soul so true.
Fallacy called life yet avails, thrice, a chance or two.

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