Sunday, March 4, 2012


life is about the choices we make
the things we build
the hearts we break
a world full of obscenities
of triumphs and tragedies.

How long shall you stand there?
Demand your rights to breathe, to live?
Remorseless, none left with a heart to spare
Your pushed forth towards the gallows
Escape? it seems your chances are narrow.

Fight. For all that you've done is thus.
Easier to succumb, to break apart
and then spend an eternity, to curse, to cuss
Keeper of your namesake values, your words
hypocrites! hearts all too full of grit and dirt!

Shackled together, are your brains with chains
Your lives thrive on words of the others
Beneath those shrouds, clothed with a thousand stains,
your smiles so vile, your thoughts so meek!
siphon away, cheer and mirth, is that what you seek?

Your gaze, condescending, full of hate and insult
neutral an effect cast on me ever it seems
Yes. I am the other, the freak, the occult
My heart, the keeper of my soul
I'm led away, always in search of a new goal. 

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