Saturday, April 7, 2012


When does truth start fading?
When does belief start waning?
When does your confidence falter?
When does your conviction alter?

What makes you undecide what you decided?
Why did you change your words you’d cited?
Why are our minds yet so feeble, led and lost?
The smallest alteration, conscience be the cost.

Who judges, the rights, the wrongs
A zillion lies, a few truths do throng
Faces masked, deceit, coveted
Nothing here’s real, inconvenience regretted.

A world full of falsies do I adhere
A mind, disturbed, agitated, riddled with fear
A past so hazy, a future so bleak
Wandering, a haunt, never to sleep

Trust. Who about this world, I do beseech?
Wise words, none to take, none to teach.
I tire, now, of this lie, this realm
I tire of thoughts, of now, and then.

How would you know, what’s true, what’s real?
Your convincing mendacities, seem surreal
A world that seems untrue yet sublime
Into which I fade, there I belong, a world, now mine

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