Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a dream

An endless canvas full of black and white
Sketchy faces, oblique spaces, birds take flight
Beneath shut eyes shines a world so bright
An eagle soars high above, gaining height

Fluid lines, twirling and whirling, flow with haste
Sublime salty, the sea, my mouth does taste
Visions fly by, vivid, vibrant, unchaste
Wonderful dreams, an incredulous waste

I see heaven yonder, or what I thought it must be,
No bright sunny colors, no angels to see
None of those visions, fairytale and all, a promise I keep
An expanse of black and white, far reaches of peace
As quiet as quiet can be

I await the transition, from this world to the other
No thoughts, no dreams, no wants, none no one can smother
I take this flight like that eagle, all devoid of color
Yet its spirit, contained within it, a spectrum
Life, bursting, beneath each and every feather.

A dream
March 13 2012

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