Monday, March 9, 2015

an appeal

Cold dead eyes that once bade me to come forth,
Stare back, a constant gaze of despise.
That warm look that did once melt me inside out,
Now spread such chill, unremoved.
You caught me gazing at you, awaiting a flicker of warmth,
And you turned away, as though, it was something you loathed seeing.
My heart felt broken, to see you broken,
My soul felt dead, to see you aching.
How would I exist, if you would no longer love me?
My heart, my soul, entwined within yours, now felt lost.
I belonged nowhere, no more.
Lost in obscurity, was our love.
Judgments made, distances now vast.
My ghosts, my former deeds, haunt me now from my past.
And I know I have lived this far only for you.
I see nothing else for me in this world, its true.
I yearn to see that pain ebb away my love,
I have erred, I have sinned. But far above,
It’s a self-inflicted wound upon me I’ve cast,
My stabbing you unknowingly, deep in your grieving heart.
You are my world, my life, my love.
No more words to be said, no more apologies, enough.
Take me back whole or none.
Or leave me be to whither, moon or sun.
Without you, my existence seems bleak.
I lament for your pain, my pain, within your heart, deep.
Come to me my love. I want to hold you fast.
Before this distance does away, what was meant to last.

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