Wednesday, January 25, 2017

a moment of rant

Our lives today, founded on clauses
Conditions, by communities, societies
Families, governances, plentiful nuances

We are born individuals, born with a soul
Born unique, to be different than the rest
To be different, on you it does take a toll’

A true essence of you dissipates
Replaced by the stench of the common
The worldly, the plenty, the crowd
You become what they want you to be
To survive, live by our rules they say
“be not too loud”
“be not too happy”
“be not too friendly”
“be not too angry”
“think not from your mind, for it isn’t your job. Let us think and guide you”
Blindly follow everyone as they go.
Their rules, or someone else’s that they follow

Have you stopped in your tracks for a moment?
Thought of who you really are?
Not conforming, not influenced, not by judgement?

Not impacted by what they said to you
Of what they thought you were all about?
What deep down you hold and believe so true

Have we lost ourselves to appease others?
a herd of cattle or sheep, which ever you prefer
your own identity, lost or smothered.

Changed so drastically, we own no memory
Of our own demons and angels,
Of knowing our innermost selves, the good bad and ugly.

We are no different, not so unique
Tinker toys from the herd factory
Our motives thin, our virtues oblique

When did we lose the will to be?
Who we are and what we WANT to be?
When did they all become important, their opinions sole?
And then, we blinded our eyes, only left for them to see.

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