Friday, July 18, 2008

Numbed out

Not one tear-drop flows from those eyes
Dry have they become like an exhausted stream
Words don’t hurt no more, stale
And much worn out are they as dirty rags,
That does nothing but filth more.
Loud shrill screams echo through the room
Waking even the dead from their graves.
Accusations fly everywhere, against her
As she sits mum in her chair, staring ahead
Fists clenching, fighting to play deaf.
But those words, sharper than knifes
Embed themselves within her heart and her numb brain
Agonizing, she can bear the pain no more.
Self proclaimed witness accounts testify for her ‘misdeeds’
Those she knew with all heart, she’d detest to do.
Her tightly clenched jaw slackens and her lip trembles.
Her mind screams out and head bursts with pain
But still no tears fall out
She cannot cry anymore, and the want to scream heightens
Just then everything falls silent.
Those spiteful eyes shift gaze and carry away downstairs
Probably satisfied at the sight of a crumbling soul.
Left alone in the room is she
Embraced in her own arms, holding herself tight
Gulping down the last dregs of poison
In the words that she did receive
A lisp, a choke, a rattled breath
Issue from her trembling lips
But not one tear drop falls from her lost eyes.
Oblivious to the agony the world sleeps
And she cries all night, still no tears in those lonesome eyes.

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