Thursday, August 27, 2009

The first flight of the Spirit

She slithers, she slides,

in her own world she glides.

Afloat, adrift,

her spirits in a lift,

She stands she hovers,

two miles in the air,

the glare

The sun, the warmth,

the fun

No noise no talk,

no other being there to gawk

To stare to hate, no trade,

no give nor take

No seclusion

No intuition

No guide

To abide

No sense of time

No bounds

no line

No cause nor effect

No swords or spears,

anymore to deflect

She glides, she falls,

she tumbles, she lolls

She awakes on the floor

There is no open sky anymore

Still vaguely she smiles

no lies

she spreads her wings


Her head spins

A leap, a plunge

No rethought, the lunge

Arise spirit,

you’ve taken flight

Fly away, dear old spirit,

towards that bright blinding light.

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