Thursday, August 27, 2009

Out through the Window

I’ve thrown my life out of the window, Ive died a final death, and reborn as someone new,

I’ve rid myself of all that i held on to, And opened up my arms to greet that something new.

Few bits and pieces still linger, and there i know the winds of time will sweep them away,

I have a new life to live, I’ve set myself free of your bounds, your thoughts, been cast away.

All those weird dreams i longed to come true mean nothing to me anymore,

the senseless reasons i gave importance to that life mean nothing yet, no ‘more.

The weights that hung about my ankles, imprisoning me, have finally broken apart,

Ive taken flight, finally, away from the earth, the past and the present thrown apart.

I can see my face now, so clearly, reflected by a smooth unbroken mirror,

I can see a smiling, living face, i cannot recognize, yet love, in the talking mirror.

I feel like a child again, i feel like im alive again, since that life went out of the window,

I’ve braved it all, saved it all, said it all, watched it all go right out of the window.

I’ve thrown my life out of the window, I see a new path ahead of me,

So clear does it seem through the window, a golden path unfurls here before me.

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