Sunday, October 18, 2009

pitter patter, splatter child!

Pitter patter boom

Sprinkle splatter crash

A tempestuous rain ensues

The dark road, like a whip winds lash

Pitter patter boom

Another streak of light

Another blaze in the sky

A mouse runs with fright

Puddles, streams, rivers

Of rain inundate the road.

Squishy mud between my toes

My mind gets into that juvenile mode

A little walk ahead

The turning into another street

A large puddle floods right there

Till my ankles, sunken my feet

I jump a little, splash

Jump some more, kick

i look about for puddles

a layer forms on my feet, mud, sticky and thick.

Pitter patter boom

The rain still rages

i throw the umbrella aside,

played in the rain haven’t I since ages

Pitter patter boom

Soaked to the bone do I get

Now enough girl it is

Dad awaits, be gone or hell beget.

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