Sunday, October 18, 2009

The mirage of a ravaged heaven

Upon the sparse landscape

No verve appears to thine eyes yet

Sole wanderer; hope thee not

Why walk into the midst of the indefinite

The sun burns down harshly

Contest it does anyone, submit

To its scathing merciless rays

Why do you amble about now?

Clad in a heavy black robe veiled

Exposed yet are her eyes, glassy

Her feet bare and calloused,

She fails not, yet aware of death lurking

Sharp shards do the sands seem

Of powdered glass, speckled allover

Abrazed feet slip fall and walk, merciless

Her mind ignores their silent screams

Miles on and on have gone on

Cruel relentless nature dear love

Hath not spared anyone

Neither the innocent nor the culpable

In search of a new world

In search of heaven did thee set out?

What heaven is but a distant land?

Out of reach until the end

Rapture in your eyes, so dazed

You so do stray from reality

Stumble upon nothing more

A ravaged earth, dead and impaired

Thirst burns her down the throat

An ache of a sort so unbearable

The heat drying every drop of water

In thy being lass, why dyou walk on

Hallucinating, she sees beyond the horizon

Beyond the flickering heat waves

Towers that seem of a magnificent city

Emerge magically, beckoning,

water from heaven blissfully does

Cascades in that heaven just a mile away

Her lips part as she walks through

The mirage of a ravaged heaven

Her mouth held open, her lips wait

So drops do moisten her chapped lips

Not one drop touches her face yet

Avoid it seems, no contact made yet

What from far seemed so splendid

In ruins does it stand for real?

Looted and foiled have the vandals

Cruel and unsparing gaze about their eyes

Take did they from this world

All its glory and might so unjustly

And selfish their souls became then

Care what but for a miserly girl astray?

A mirage stands here but is for real

The sun still bearing down upon thee

There are still miles to go before you sleep

A heaven lies elsewhere in wait

The sands that yield the castle wane

The mirage so sudden ebb away

The remnants of mighty destruction

Into oblivion do fade away

Travelled did you so far but for what

To see nothing appear before your eyes

Think not this but a sign from god

Heaven may look this way, tainted afterlife

God saw these plunderers at work

Destruction followed wherever they traversed

Stealing all that they, so unrightly

Spared are not the nude and the hungry

Enraged, furious, god destroyed the garden

A solace to the ones he’d so fondly created

Says who they be worthy of any good

For selfish they’ll forever be

A mighty heaven he vanquished

Within one grasp of his fist

A kingdom that would no longer exist

No place to go to, afterlife met by hell then

The wanderer looked up at the scrambled clouds

The orange bursts of skies raging

No queries, her eyes still blank and open

Waiting for a sign from Him, seeking answers

Now what becomes of me o lord

That to see this sight I bear torment

No longer shall we ever hope of a heaven

only for the sakes of the misdeeds of else?

Heaven still lies lives and deaths apart

Dear doth not dismay so soon

Beyond the mirage you saw a while away

Lies a cruel path to a bountiful heaven.

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