Saturday, July 24, 2010


An odd sort of numbness prevails within me
The realization of the loss of a reason
My existence, my being questioned by something unseen
Is there anything promising out there really, left for my blinded eyes to see?

So many come so close
Secrets of the heart hence revealed
You bleed your heart out for them to see
Once a circus of emotions, now your heart and soul, in a state of infinite repose

I’ve begun to stop expecting heartful of expectations
Any magnitude they may be, erstwhile and thence
Disappointments seen far too many have I so
And then only left to expect hurtful insinuations

Trust nobody, love nobody, and hate nobody
These all build relationships of odd sorts
Does it take only a moment or so for those bonds to break?
Letting then, your soul adrift alone, an unrecognizable nobody

No bonds will I make henceforth
No barriers shall I create either
No numbness, no feeling whatsoever shall I enclose
Contain now, within my chest, an impenetrable stone, a heart, beating, yet cold.

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