Monday, October 4, 2010

abandonment in life isnt as frightening as abandonment at death.

My mother walked into the living room, throwing aside her dupatta, and sat down on my bed, while i sat on the floor drawing a few sketches.
she shook her head, and mumbled to herself 'Allah, don't ever give any one such a death, ever'.Upon asking she told me she witnessed another sad reality of life. she said she saw a death man lying along on the pavement, nobody to claim him;
sources saying he'd been there all night. And this was afternoon. An ambulance then came by, she said, to pick up the unknown body and take it away to a morgue. Its a scary thought, to die somewhere all alone, with no one about, and with no idea what becomes of the rest of your being. at this moment, i thought, that maybe, loneliness and abandonment is far better a scenario when your alive; a mortifying thought,
if your lonely and abandoned during/ after death.

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