Monday, January 31, 2011

A ride back home through the wilderness

Star speckled skies,
Musical woods bewitched
The new moon shines new hope
Cold winds shearing, whip my hair astray
Devoid of the known kind
A place far away from existence
Exists in a harmony unrecognized
A lonesome tear, cold harsh winds induce
Turns to what feels like an icicle.
Limbs numb with cold
Sleep and delirium overcome
A momentary blackout in the blanket of darkness
I regain and look skywards, the star lit skies guide
A strange path made whilst I go on my own.
Silence but for the constant rumble of the engine
Stones thrown astray as the wheels struggle on the dirt path
Miles of green, the smell of a new morning greets
Yet far from sunrise it does seem
A place to which I belong
Wishful thinking
Couldn’t I spend a lifetime here.
A ride back home through the wilderness.

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