Thursday, February 3, 2011


And so it began, a day, a year
A liaison with a bond quite strong
Spoken every day every night
Endless words of sense and nonsense alike

Unspoken words spoke through minds
Coveted words uttered in delight
Eyes told their own stories
Faces uttered deeper words than lips

It took so long, so short a while
To bring close a soul to my soul
None of it did I admit though, twas known
Nearly telepathic a manner of communiqué

Then there fly odd ill words spoken so harsh
Mirth, giggles and choppy laughter
Breaks apart a thin untainted silken thread
Impregnating it with several falsies

And it took no time for that mind to modify
So perfectly broken and taken away
Loud screeches, lies, the ugly stains
All tainted the surfaces of pure hearts and minds

So it all comes back to none again
And none is all there I can see
Expect none, give none, lose none
Closed shall remain the doors that lead within my heart

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