Wednesday, March 16, 2011

unchosen path

Here’s tomorrow, gone by so quickly today. And yesterday is yet to come.
Can we travel backwards in time, or we just assume we’re moving forward? Or it is a loop, played over and over, till time forgets our existence?

I stand in an unfamiliar territory of the known,
Suddenly unrecognizable to the place I thought I’d known, for the longest span of time
Strangers are we mutually
I stand before you, don’t you know me do you?
And you fail to recognize me anymore
Nor do I recognize you really
Too many masks of accordance to the others
Adorn your pretty face
I. Im lost in being what you wanted me to be
I do not know what stares back at me in the mirror
No longer what I fought for so long, yearned to be,
Remains inside my dreaded soul
An apparition now, just, a ghost, untiring, lost and drifting
Where to now? Enough. No longer in your presence
No more to live by your greater of all expectations
I quicken my pace. Those roads that lie in abandonment await,
My rustling footsteps.
Larger strides, out I get from this blackened hole, towards an uncharted territory
Its many terrors and revelations all set to unfurl.

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