Monday, April 18, 2011


A deafening din, smoke unfurls, sirens sound in the distant near
A city wide awake, yet crawling, pressures mount,
Faces blur as they speed by, cars a haze
A maze, the roads, choked by teeming ants like populace
In the soundly recesses of a small building,
A spot unscathed by the friction of a moving town
A bubble it seems, surrounds the place
Impenetrable, to the effects the environment
Peace can still be found. In little crevices,
Spots less frequented by unwanted beings
A getaway in the urban jungle. A retreat
Its always your company I seek
Dissolve away the many tumor like worries
That inhabit deep within the disturbed mind
Prolonged should be the hours that pass
Where can I go from here now?

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