Sunday, May 8, 2011


Eddies ebb slightly
Whirling and twirling above
Whirlpools small and big
Twist and flow, carry with them
Me to the sea
Rivulets tread lightly
Upon the stagnant masses
Boulders, and dead wood
Protrude brave, from the stormy dance
You move swiftly, so smooth
Carry with you want you want
Destroy in your path many barriers
Or change the course of those whose resistance
Doesn’t last
You change the very state of being
Sculpt and mold whatever you withhold awhile
A jagged rock to a smooth soft stone
Unknowing, you have carried me with you, so
Far so deep into the realms of your being
I have dwelled with it for a while now
And nothing else is home it seems
And now there comes a time
My course parts from you I see
Im caught between impediments
And can no longer flow with you to the sea
For the sea, to you, your destination
Awaits the unification, your love, your sea
I’d wish I’d travel that far with you
Alas I see
My journey comes to an end much before
Bequeath, a rock on a shallow beach
And you, a river that runs so deep
Will soon meet the wide open beloved sea.

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