Wednesday, May 11, 2011


i take a look over my shoulder
my eyes set on a pair of feet
all along the distance I've walked
the distance covered, you have followed me.

I glance around again and again
not with fear of being stalked, your no stranger
its the fear that you'd follow no more
I, then, be left with loneliness, dismal that lingers.

the soft rustle of your footsteps
is none other but music still
with each rapid beat of my heart
a dance, a step, and ache, a thrill.

Somehow all the long long years
i didn't note you walked behind me
you walked, invisible, quiet all along
in- stride, a step behind, rather silently

Now Ive come to note your being
your existence so imparted to me, yet haunting
your sudden appearance was overwhelming
confusing, befuddling, yet inviting.

keep pace with me as i walk, my dear stranger
fonder have i become of you, i speak
hitherto you've been my loyal company
impart with me this long journey, a destination, now to seek.

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