Saturday, June 23, 2012

for another gain, another loss

On my way, here I go
Am packing up, there’s no show
A silent dismissal, did you look this way
I walk from the door, no words to say.

Wrenching from within,
Forgive me for I have sinned
I’ve wrenched  out this useless heart
Ruin and misery, it played well, its part

Forsaken  all reason to define
You were a reason in the life of mine
Were you ever so significant, why?
Now I am obliged to believe it was a lie.

I’m forced to cut the link to life
A blood vessel coupled, with a thick blunt knife
A parasitic root in coursed within your veins
Its purpose defeated, torn out, without pain.

Every waking moment dies a new death
A faltered heartbeat, accompanies a dying breath
You don’t filch, not a word you utter
how do you hide so well, like you’re not bothered?

Tears run dry, soon does the will to live
No yearning to take, no want to give
Transition from the living to the dead
A short journey, undying once said

I hope never again to return
Lessons over and over have I to learn
What I desire is not mine to keep
The price I pay for loving, is one too steep

Never to love, never to befriend,
No will to take, no will to to lend,
I’ve set me free, from you, now go,
Curtains drawn upon this false liaison, a show.

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