Thursday, July 19, 2012

of her pedigree

No i cannot be defined as "cat lady" but i do have seven feline entities that rule over our tiny home. They've all got us under their spell, to dutifully serve them, feed and pet them, and when need be, become their make shift scratch posts. Their foods include a never ending supply of pedigree dog food (yes they'll chew up dogs too, ye worthless canines), and fresh handpicked and cleaned sardines.
One of the royalty, Ming ming, clamors for the dog feed every second, every minute, hour,day,week, month, and year. A bowl isnt enough to satisfy her craving for the god like food. And when a brand new sack of the heavenly edible arrives, she attacks it, seduces us into opening the bag and feeding her improntu. Drop everything else you do, and feed her.
i wonder what these fellows mix in the feed, its got her hypnotized. Her gaze doesn't shift from the bag, even if the cutest of the neighborhood toms throws her a surprise visit. Nothing, can ever separate her from her truest love of her life. Pedigree.

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