Friday, February 28, 2014

Into my reverie

come hither , come away,
You! so lost, oblivious and vain!
come forth, where deep bonds nurture
a place called home, here to stay.

A cool shadow of a tree beckons,
relief from the harsh unremitting sun.
a cool zephyr blows o'er your sun kissed skin,
plaintive soul, an escape, a heaven.

lay down your aching bones,
upon the munificent expanse of green,
let your mind drift, an unbounded wondrous dream ,
ripples heard, a stream, o'er many a jagged stones.

come hither my love, into my reverie
whisk away shall I, from this world disparaged,  
You, into the sanctuary of my heart, ill keep,

away, unbound, uncaring, emancipated, free! 

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