Monday, February 24, 2014


within, an emotion so cavernous,
its roots grow through a resistant heart,
like a tree grows on a rock,
encompassing it whole ,
yet obliterating its very core.
fragmented, yet held together.
A yearning within, to speak the unsaid,
the refrained,
talks of love.
an agony, yet so sweet;
twice, thrice a missed heart beat.
what is it you hide within,
deep within those melancholic eyes?
a fear, or you misconstrue,
what damage real love can do?
how long can i suppress,
those words whose meanings grow?
defined by your existence?
i've seen your heart;
your soul, their keeper i yearn to be
not much have i to give you.
nothing material, no place, no virtue,
A link made unknown,
feeds life to the beating heart, a vessel,
from you to mine.
All i could secure, a promise,
is to break every bond, every norm,
your contentment, is mine.
Yet i suppress those devastating words.
All those, which sound so simple,
but obliterate the very bond we share.
words fail to project how much i care.
Suppression. a slow uneasy death.
transcendence of a kind,
undefined, yet, broken down,
in a four lettered word,


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