Tuesday, March 4, 2014

the unsaid

withdrawn back into my own little world
all the security, all the reassurance one needs
out away from the inexorable cold,
warmth of mine own arms, i keep.

no more love to met out, no one to lend any
exhausted and retiring, an empty soul
forsaken, forgiven, forgotten, sins a-many
but why in me is contained, a yawning vacant hole?

Lost faith in all, no one to trust
every implicit word, many misleading,
all you proffer are trivial links, of lust,
unacquainted of a heart beat ceasing.

Why did you draw me out into the world?
Only to leave drowning in the storm?
assure of sun and spring, you lured,
I saw you quite, in your seraphim form.

mendacity chokes and blinds me yet
is there anywhere else to retire?
Lies, Deceit, folly, no regrets,

Buried deep, within a smothering mire. 

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Mirage said...


Its brave of you to share these thoughts...its not always easy!