Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A saviour

At the threshold of losing faith,
On the brink of losing sanity.
Battles a-many, all hopes lost.
Losing face from reality.
Laying out there on the battlefield ,
Amongst ruin, bereavement and despair.
Green grasslands no more,
Ashes and cinders burn to core.
I lay amidst the heap so morbid,
As all vision grew indistinct.
No sounds but of the crackling embers,
My fading breath, a dying heart,
Life percolating away into a distant tunnel.
A bright light fell upon me,
Summoning my end.
A firm hand enfolded around my shoulders,
Pulled me upright from the ground.
The light slowly dimmed away,
A silhouette it brought forth.
A vessel brought to my chapped bloody lips,
A fluid dribbled in, soothing and cold,
I saw the face, a warrior, a brave.
His face bore the brunt of war.
Yet his expression, of calm and unassuming peace.
He rested my tired head against his chest,
And I felt an immediate reprieve.
Peace coursed from his veins into mine
Life, beating within my lifeless heart again
He lifted me into him arms;
Silent words spoke he, to me.
As my sight grew sharp,
I saw his face clear and sound.
A guardian angel, did descend,
In a mortal form.
Valor, said his name to be,
A warrior who fought many battles , like me.
Ill be by your side, were words I heard
For life, and for eternity.

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