Wednesday, October 22, 2014

You are here, with me.

I hear you , your mellow voice, in the sweet rustle of leaves. In the soulful wail of a violin. In the pattering of gentle rain on the pavement. In the calm of the ocean. In the cry of the sea breeze. I hear your peaceful voice. With every pause and skipping of a heart beat.

I see you, your angel like form, in the rising of the sun, and setting of it so. In the pale of a fog filled morning. In the rivulets and streams that churn their way while it pours. In the mesmerizing lights in a star lit sky, in my highest high, in my lowest low, I see your wonder some gaze.

I feel you, your warmth and compassion, in the gentle touch of the leaf while it falls. In the wind while it grazes my skin on a windy day. In the scorching sun, when I'm in my form most undone. In the softest dwells of a warm blanket, in the reassuring embrace of my mother. I feel you, my love and my skin tingles with laughter.

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