Sunday, August 3, 2008

All for the sake of love? - a creative writing assignment

She stood at the market place, before the medical store, for what seemed ages. She just couldn't gather the courage to go there.
"Should I, should I not? He's waiting, bloody hell, back at home. For ALL the things u end up doing in the name of love!" She craned her neck towards the shop, still contemplating whether to go on.
"What if he just leaves? Bloody hell why isnt that woman there in the shop? Bitch!! She had to take a leave today!!"
she inched towards the shop. She just HAD to buy those!
"Why cant HE just carry them? Bloody! He's the one who needs them , who uses them! If he's so keen on doing it, why cant he get it!?
SICK!" She muttred under her breath.
"Well do it or never! " she said to herself and walked straight into the store.
"SHIT!! Not an old guy!!" An aged man looked up at her from behind the counter and smiled.
SHe smiled awkwardly, looked up then down and about her.
"May I help you?"
"One sec, getting a call" she pretended to fumble inside her jacket for her phone, and moved away from the shop.
"AAArgh! I HATE that asshole for putting me into this kind of a fix!!!"
SHe shook her head, straightened out her clothes and turned back towards the shop.
"Ummm, excuse me.. i ummmmm....."
The old man at the counter cocked up his eyebrows.
She smiled, a fake one that disappeared in an instant, then cleared her throat.
"ummm..."Ahem" i want... hmmmm .. i ummm...."
A woman walked up to the shop just then and gave the girl a disapproving look. She turned her attention back to the counter and ordered her prescription.
"Two strips of Sinarest, One bottle of H2O2, one tab of gelusil....."
It took the man 10 whole minutes to attend to the woman's never ending list. She stood waiting as the purchase happen, waiting for her turn, fidgeting and prancing on the spot.
Finally he turned his attention back to the girl.
"Yes, AGAIN, do you need something?"
The other woman finally walked away.
"Great she's gone!" the girl thought, cleared her throat and blurted out.
"I want a pack of Kama Sutra Condoms!"
Her ears rang. She heard a choke and a gasp. She turned around to face that woman again. That dumb woman stood beside her, with a disgruntled disapproving and shocked expression on her piggy face.
The girl, red and burning up in her head, looked at the woman once more. Shit she looked familiar!
"Please, hurry."
The man cleared his throat. Sheer embarrassment flashed on his wrinkled face.
"We're out of stock."
"Do You want any other alternatives? Any flavour,, types?"
Her face burned and turned a deep shade of red.
"Just give me any thing! Please! Nothing Fancy though!"
"Here you go."
She threw the money, and didnt wait for the change.Just as she turned on her heel to run, the woman called out, shrilly.
"Aasha ki beti? Tum? Kaise!?"

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